Restaurant and café in the center of Turku


What’ll it be today, sweet or savory? Our cake display is among the most coveted in town. We bake everything ourselves right here – carefully and gently.

Fontana coffee

When you’ve got a good cup of coffee in your hand the world is always a slightly better place. Taste our new Fontana coffee – grab a take-away cup or bring to friends as a gift.


We joined forces with Robert Paulig Roastery and designed our own coffee blend for you to enjoy.

The beans originate from Guatemala, Colombia, Brazil and Kenya – all from verified responsible producers. The coffee blend is roasted at Robert Paulig Roastery in Porvoo, powered by clean solar energy and bio gas. Robert Paulig is our nation’s oldest, already 30-year-old artisan roastery, and was voted Finland’s best roastery in 2019.

Along the full and exquisite aroma of the Fontana coffee, you’re able to taste a slight touch of berries. The roast level of our coffee is 2,5/5.

Enjoy your coffee!